Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set

Kinki Amibari

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SeeKnit interchangeable circular knitting needles are high-quality bamboo knitting needles. The surface is polished with a natural, plant-based wax, giving these Shirotake needles excellent luster and fine texture. The carefully polished surface is soft to the touch, warm, and easy to pick up stitches.

These knitting needles use a rotating swivel cord to prevent the cord from twisting. The cords are clear, flexible nylon with brass connectors between the needle tips and cords.

The set includes 12 sets of needle tips:

Tip Length Needle Diameter Needle Size Screw Size
10cm/4in 2.75mm US2 M1.8
10cm/4in 3.25mm US3 M1.8
10cm/4in 3.50mm US4 M2
10cm/4in 3.75mm US5 M2
10cm/4in 4.00mm US6 M2
10cm/4in 4.5mm US7 M2
10cm/4in 5.00mm US8 M2
10cm/4in 5.50mm US9 M4
10cm/4in 6.00mm US10 M4
10cm/4in 6.50mm US10½ M4
12.5cm/5in 8.00mm US11 M4
12.5cm/5in 9.00mm US13 M4

The set includes 8 cords:

Length Screw Size
20cm/8in M1.8
40cm/16in M1.8
20cm/8in M2
40cm/16in M2
54cm/21.5in M2
20cm/8in M4
40cm/16in M4
71cm/28in M4

The set includes 3 cord joints:

  • M1.8
  • M2
  • M4


  • Color: Blue J-Star print

Made in Japan.

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