Oh, the Yarnage! was founded in 2018 by Alevtina Verbovetskaya. A long-time vegan and fiber artist, Allie wanted a yarn shop where she didn't have to pore over labels to find yarn and notions that were consistent with her ethics. Oh, the Yarnage! was born out of a desire to fill a niche in the yarn market while giving small yarn makers & dyers around the world a place to showcase their vegan-friendly yarns.


As far as we can tell, Oh, the Yarnage! is the only yarn shop that specializes in vegan yarns. This means that you will only find cellulose (i.e., plant-based) and synthetic yarns in our shop. As long-time vegans, we are passionate about minimizing cruelty and using alternative, plant-based products wherever possible. We created this store because one like it did not already exist so we stock yarns that we want to use in our own crafting!

Plant-based and synthetic yarns have come a long way! Long-gone are the days of "rough" acrylic and "stiff" cotton. The yarns we carry in our shop are rich and luxurious, ideal for projects big and small, to be given away as gifts or kept as family heirlooms. We are confident you will love working with the yarns in our stock!


Our goal is to make a minimal impact on the earth—using recycled materials wherever possible—while making a big impact with our products! We use sustainable, eco-friendly shipping mailers and boxes as well as labels and packing tape from EcoEnclose. Our printed goods are acquired through Fireball Printing, a print shop located in the East Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia—and our neighbor! (We choose recycled paper stock when it's available and pick up our orders by bike, reducing carbon emissions and wear & tear on our roads.)